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Welcome to the home of Justin Martin. I am a computer geek who codes in his spare time. Here I will post my current projects, upcoming projects and project ideas.

Update #2

Today was semi-successful but I would have gotten more accomplished if I wasn’t so busy earlier in the day. Anyway, today I completed 6 more mods to my client and I started working on a click-able GUI.

What was accomplished today is:

  • Coded and implemented Brightness
  • Coded and implemented FastPlace
  • Coded and implemented JumpStep (Like step but makes the player jump)
  • Coded and implemented Step
  • Coded and implemented Sneak
  • Coded and implemented Xray (Have opacity Xray included but not enabled in the source)
  • Beginning structure of the click-able GUI (nothing visual yet)
  • Changed character size and spacing for loaded modules


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