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TheRoman v1.7

Hey everyone,
So unfortunately I didn’t get around to adding keybinds but I did code the requested feature for BlockHunt/PropHunt ESP, Timer (speed hack) and added a new button to the main menu to change your version number (Protocol hacking). The BlockHunt ESP has been confirmed to work on Mineplex’s Block hunt and most publicly available block hunt plugins.

To Access the modded clients click-able GUI, press the right-shift button on your keyboard.
If you don’t want to use the click-able GUI the shortcut keys are:
Aimbot = “+”
Anti-Rain = NONE
Auto Armour = NONE
Brightness = “B”
BlockHunt ESP = NONE
Chest ESP = NONE
Click Aim Bot = NONE
Combat Bot = NONE
Criticals = NONE
Day = “G”
Derp Mode = NONE
Fast Place = “.” (period)
Flight = “F”
Jump Step = “J”
Nametags = NONE
NoCacti = “C”
NoBurn = NONE
NoFall = “M”
Nuker = “N”
Player ESP = NONE
Sneak = “Z”
Sprint = “R”
Step = “P”
StopRender = NONE
Timer = NONE
Wallhack = NONE
Water Walk = “K”
Xray = “X”


Instructions (Windows):

  • First you must first extract the zip file. Extract it anywhere you want.
  • Now, navigate to your .minecraft folder, on Windows it is located in: %appdata%\.minecraft\
  • Easy way to find your Minecraft folder:
    • Launch Minecraft.
    • Go to options.
    • Select Resource Packs…”.
    • Click on “Open resource pack folder.
    • Go up one level.
  • Find the versions folder.
  • Click and drag the “TheRoman” folder in the versions folder
  • Open your Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click on “New Profile” and chose a name for the profile.
  • In “Use versions:” choose “release TheRoman”.
  • Save the profile.
  • Chose the profile in the drop down and start Minecraft !



I have been asked by a couple people “Hey Geek, Where can i get the sweet font you use for The Roman”. My answer to them is right here:

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