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Welcome to the home of Justin Martin. I am a computer geek who codes in his spare time. Here I will post my current projects, upcoming projects and project ideas.

TheRoman v1.5

Added a couple modules including: NoCacti (stops cactus damage to player), StopRender (Stops rendering entities), Criticals (make player jump when near entities to cause critical damage when in PvP or PvE). I also added an ESP to the Nuker and changed the in-game menu.

I will be posting a link to upload or choose a cape eventually (not exactly sure when right now). So for now you still need to contact me on skype to get a cape (Skype username: Geekxboy)

To Access the modded clients click-able GUI, press the right-shift button on your keyboard.
If you don’t want to use the click-able GUI the shortcut keys are:
Aimbot = “+”
Anti-Rain = NONE
Brightness = “B”
Chest ESP = NONE
Criticals = NONE
Derp Mode = NONE
Fast Place = “.” (period)
Flight = “F”
Jump Step = “J”
Nametags = NONE
NoCacti = “C”
NoBurn = NONE
NoFall = “M”
Nuker = “N”
Player ESP = NONE
Sneak = “Z”
Sprint = “R”
Step = “P”
StopRender = NONE
Wallhack = NONE
Water Walk = “K”
Xray = “X”

Nuker ESP

Instructions (Windows):

  • First you must first extract the zip file. Extract it anywhere you want.
  • Now, navigate to your .minecraft folder, on Windows it is located in: %appdata%\.minecraft\
  • Easy way to find your Minecraft folder:
    • Launch Minecraft.
    • Go to options.
    • Select Resource Packs…”.
    • Click on “Open resource pack folder.
    • Go up one level.
  • Find the versions folder.
  • Click and drag the “TheRoman” folder in the versions folder
  • Open your Minecraft Launcher.
  • Click on “New Profile” and chose a name for the profile.
  • In “Use versions:” choose “release TheRoman”.
  • Save the profile.
  • Chose the profile in the drop down and start Minecraft !


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