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Welcome to the home of Justin Martin. I am a computer geek who codes in his spare time. Here I will post my current projects, upcoming projects and project ideas.

First Update

So I finally decided to create my own client for Minecraft with a little push from some friends *cough* Froggeh and Krissy *cough cough*.

I tried brainstorming some ideas for the name and finally settled on “The Roman” as I have always been fascinated with the Romans.

So what was accomplished today is:

  • Coded the “module” manager
  • Initialized the categories (World, player, display, and combat)
  • Coded some basic mods (Flight and sprint)
  • Coded a basic GUI renderer to display the client name and loaded modules (hacks)
  • Gave the renderer an appropriate font

First GUI Rendering

Stay tuned for more updates on my Minecraft client

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