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Farewell to The Roman

I keep telling myself any everyone else that I will update The Roman eventually (Been saying that since the release of Minecraft 1.8). I have a lot more projects that I’m working on including my Minecraft Server, I’m working on making a video game, playing and recording games and just a couple more side projects. So this is hard for me to say but this is my Farewell post to The Roman as it has served me and many others very well during MC 1.7.2 – 1.7.10. Its hard for me because I haven’t worked this hard on any personal project as hard as I worked on this one from my first commit to my full fledged hacked client. I did complete some work on a version for 1.8 but never had time to finish any box rendering (Nuker, Blockhunt ESP, Mob ESP, Chest ESP, Player ESP) so I never considered it complete.

I will be leaving the other posts and downloads available in case anyone still wants to download older versions or even upgrade this project to 1.8 and the soon to be 1.9.

On a last note I didn’t realize how many people actually used my hacked client until I looked at the download logger.


So once again, thank you everyone for all your support during this project and I’m really sorry to have to see it go.

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